Welcome to Victorious Kingdom!

 Victorious Kingdom Citizen’s Network (VKCN) is birthed from prophecy, promise, purpose and passion. In May 2019 Elder Ty started the Launching Into the Deep Bible study in Newark, DE. This was an interactive class that had both in-person and online participants, using Facebook live. It was a topical class driven by the thoughts, comments and questions of those being served. The Bible study was geared towards what the people needed and not what Elder Ty wanted to give. In January 2020 after trending the participation and growth, it was determined that the online presence was much bigger than the in-person presence and Launching Into the Deep transitioned to virtual. This move would prove prophetic, as the pandemic shutdown occurred 2 months later. Throughout the pandemic, the viewership and participation grew. In January 2021, our Visionary, Elder Ty obeyed the Lord’s instruction to expand in the virtual space. After much prayer and consideration, VKCN was birthed and had its first vision meeting with 8 individuals at the drawing board to begin working the vision. April 26, 2021, we became an official organization and later in 2021 an official charitable organization. Ultimately, VKCN is the embodiment of several channels of communication (social media bible study, cyber-church, physical location and network studio) and connection with the world, with the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2021, THE PANDEMIC AGE, the hedges and highways aren't just the physical spaces we can go to compel the people to accept Jesus into their heart and live according to Gospel truths; it now includes the web spaces we encounter every day. Technology should no longer be visualized as interference with the great commission, but an enhancement to aid in spreading the gospel to the four corners of the earth. VKCN isn't looking to coax you into the church, we're bringing the church out of you, by reaching you right where you're at, in the field or online! The church is in you and church as you know it will never be the same. To-date, our cyber-space has almost 500 followers and reaches on average 1,500 people per month and 2,200 minutes of content watched per month. Our next venture is to begin the building of our production studio to record our live and interactive church services and other productions in excellence. We are in the process of securing the resources to obtain the technological and cyber equipment needed to expand our reach in the virtual space. Text 'INTHELOOP' to 844-325-8844 to keep up on real-time updates regarding VKCN.