Meet Our Leader

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 Elder Ty Purnell, Visionary  the son of the late Bishop David and Pastor Ella Purnell was born in Wilmington, DE. He was educated early in life in the Wilmington school systems but graduated from Woodbridge High School in Bridgeville, DE. He received certificates in “Completion of Religious Studies” and “Completion of Pentateuch Studies” in 1995 from Baltimore Wesleyan Catholic Seminary under the tutelage of Pierre Parsons. He has been in pursuit of his degree in clinical psychology and the psychology of religion at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona. His extensive servitude in ministry began at the tender age of 5 in Refuge Temple under the leadership of the late Pastors Lester and Virginia George, his grandparents.  At this age he began playing the drums, singing in youth choirs, serving as a junior deacon, and ushering. It was here, he became a student of the Word. He would be taught how to teach youth Sunday school which led to him preaching his first sermon at the pivotal age of 10 titled, “Give God Praise,” based on Psalms 100.  In 1983, his membership began at the inception of Victory Temple Church in Bridgeville, DE, started by his late father, Bishop Purnell. As an initial member of Victory Temple, Ty played multiple roles like choir member, usher, deacon and any role age-appropriate that he could fill. At age 14, he was elevated to assistant youth pastor as his work ethic and commitment to helping build ministry remained consistent even transitioning into a new church. During this time, he was also still consistently preaching and teaching the Word of God with such conviction and mature understanding. Eight years later, Ty was again elevated to youth pastor and began serving as administrative assistant and Bishop Purnell’s adjutant.  He would also serve on the board of directors.  Elder Ty did all of this while simultaneously learning to play the keyboard at age 15 and serving as the head musician later in his 20s. He has always had a passion for teaching, so it’s no coincidence that many of his young family members have now become skilled musicians who made use of his guidance. Though his early life seems very normal, it has had its share of ups and downs. Elder Ty is no stranger to the wilderness experience. Even after all of that service, in his mid to late twenties, he found himself lingering in the streets and later incarcerated as a result of his care free lifestyle and lack of regard for warning from his loved ones and God alike, like most young adults do. In his mid 30s, Elder Ty would begin to have a change of heart and draw closer to God as he had in his early youth. His new direction in life would eventually lead him to his Wife, Latoria Trott-Purnell, who in turn led him to Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries where he became a dedicated member in 2012. He was officially ordained Elder in June 2013 after proving faithful and knowledgeable in ministry, under the leadership of, then, Bishop Marian Rudd. Currently, he serves back at Victory Temple Church in Bridgeville, DE. As in his youth, whatever his hands find to do, HE WILL DO IT, still, with an infectious attitude and endless charisma. It is evident, given his ministry service at a young age that Elder Ty is a go getter. He is a builder and a pusher. He gets joy out of cultivating people and changing the atmosphere around him. He has been called and chosen by God to extend his reach, impact and empower, equip and teach people near and far. In 2019, with total direction from the Holy Spirit, Elder Ty started the Launching Into the Deep Bible study in Newark, DE. This was an interactive class that had both in-person and online participants, using Facebook live. It was a topical class driven by the thoughts, comments, and questions of those being served. The Bible study was geared towards what the people needed and not what Elder Ty wanted to give. In January 2020 after trending the participation and growth, it was determined that the online presence was much bigger than the in-person presence and Launching Into the Deep transitioned to virtual. This move would prove prophetic, as the pandemic shutdown occurred 2 months later. Throughout the pandemic, the viewership and participation grew. In January 2021, Elder Ty obeyed the Lord’s instruction to expand in the virtual space. After much prayer and consideration, Victorious Kingdom Citizen’s Network (VKCN) was birthed and had its first vision meeting with 8 individuals at the drawing board to begin working the vision. April 26, 2021, VKCN became an official organization and later in 2021 an official charitable organization. Elder Ty isn't looking to coax people into the church, he’s bringing the church out of people, by reaching them right where they're at, in the field or online! The church is in you and church as you know it will never be the same. To-date, the cyber-space has almost 500 followers and reaches on average 1,500 people per month and 2,200 minutes of content watched per month.